Go back into childhood and face your fears by fighting your nightmares ! 

During daytime, help the child to find his most loved items  to help him fight his fears. When it's time to go to bed, during nighttime, avoid the monsters to reach the baby's bed in a tower defense gameplay !

This Game was made during the Extra Credits Game Jam #3, with the theme Cycles. We were a team of  students in Game Design and in Concept Art at the time.

Hope you will enjoy this little game !


Game Design & Programming during the jam:  Cyprien Ravidat  & Cléo Fontaine

Game Design & Programming on the final game:  Cléo Fontaine

Concept Art & Visuals:  Louise Fayt (Backgrounds) & Gautier Filliard (Characters)

Install instructions

Download, unzip the folder, and then launch the application "When the Light is Off"!

(alt + F4 to quit the game)


When the Light is Off - Downloadable Build 32 MB


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